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Model Editorial Participation Agreement and Media Release

I hereby acknowledge and agree that my voluntary participation, as well as that of my minor child, in the aforementioned event involves certain inherent risks and activities. I understand and accept that makeup application may be undertaken on myself or my minor child for the purpose of the event, at the discretion of the organizers. I hold Bibiane New York and its assignees harmless and release them from any liability arising from any resulting circumstances.

I grant explicit consent to be photographed during the course of the event. I understand that my participation in this even may create public exposure and attention to myself and/or my minor child.

I understand that all audio/visuals may be used for promotional, marketing, or any other lawful purpose related to Bibiane New York and/or the event.

I release Bibiane New York and its assigns from any claims or demands in connection with the use of such. This includes, but is not limited to, their use in magazines, news publications, public relations materials, and any other lawful purpose.

I agree to conduct myself and my child in an appropriate manner that is not ill reflecting to Bibiane New York.


I further absolve Bibiane New York from any liability for personal injury, property damage, or any other loss that may occur. This includes but is not limited to accidents, theft, or any other incidents that may transpire.

In consideration of the above, I agree that Bibiane New York and its assignees hold the perpetual, irrevocable rights to use, reproduce, and distribute any and all images and sound recordings captured during the event, worldwide and for any purpose deemed lawful, including but not limited to magazines, news publications, public relations materials, public exposure, and other promotional avenues.

This agreement is binding and perpetual. I fully understand the terms and conditions outlined herein, and I willingly assume any associated risks while participating in this event.

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